Breathwork + Soundbaths

Looking to attend a breathwork session, sound bath, or a combination of the two?!

I currently am offering virtual sessions and in the near future plan to offer in person sessions! I hope you'll join me in experiencing these beautiful energetic and healing modalities.

I also offer guest facilitation if you're looking to bring one of these practices into your own event.


Breathwork is series of breathing patterns that improve mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Breathwork meets you where you're at and will provide what ever energetic experience you need in that moment. Each class has a unique and fun playlist to make the experience even more powerful.

Some benefits of breathwork: reduce or relieve anxiety, stress relief, energy boost and/or deep relaxation, allows for internal healing, releases trapped emotions, heal trauma, helps your step in your highest self, and much much more!  

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Sound Baths

Sound baths are a beautiful way to connect with your body, release trapped emotions, find the words that you haven't been able to find, and heal through sound. Sound baths also offer an immense feeling of relaxation and calm.

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"The breathwork series was such a wonderful addition to my self-care practice. Breathing seems like one of the simplest things that we innately do. The more I learn about breath, the more I realize that intentional time needs to be dedicated to it for my overall health and well-being. Thankful for Kenzie for creating a space and helping me do just that! Highly recommend being a part of her breathwork series!"

"Kenzie led a beautiful breathwork session that ground me into my body and focus inward. Lovely music was played that further encouraged relaxation and intention. Kenzie help space for myself and other and I am grateful for the experience."

"My first time ever doing breathwork was with Kenzie, and it was a truly life changing experience for me to be introduced to this new modality to work with. The immediate release and movement of energy was so powerful. I am really grateful for the impact breathwork has had! Thank you so much Kenzie!"